Business Support Analysts

The task of finding an IT solution provider in today’s times is always a challenge. A number of providers (both small and large) have what appears to be good offerings, but aren’t always able to deliver. Other times, the solutions that they offer aren’t quite a fit with your business.

Rhobyte aims to counter all of this.

Despite being a fairly new entity in the IT market, the people that contribute to and make Rhobyte what it is, have been in the IT industry in excess of 20 years and have been active consultants to the IT industry for nearly 16 years.

It is our firm belief that the solution should always fit the business and NOT the other way around. This is supported by the solutions that we have implemented over the years ranging from single-man startups to multi-tier government solutions at a provincial level of the Office of the Premier.

Our experience is therefore very extensive extending across multiple platforms and environments and to more that 18 programming languages supporting PDAs, mobile technology, servers, desktops and bespoke applications. This combined with our testing experience (being internationally qualified as software testers) place us in a perfect position to provide a quick, efficient, business orientated solution for your business that is robust and able to grow with your business.